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Thread: Stage 6 mk2 pro tuning

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    if anything a higher octane fuel will allow the engine to run cooler, as derbipred said its harder to combust and does not ignite uncontrolably, so it burns slower and better, engine will run smoother and more efficiently.. however running 98 over 95 is hardly noticable in most engines.

    The only way a high octane fuel could cause damage or make an engine run crap, is if you went and put 120 octane race gas in a stock 50cc but you cant buy this sorta fuel from petrol stations lol

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    The 98 octane fuel will not be the problem, i have always ran my scooters on BP ultimate fuel...
    dont forget super unleaded fuel like BP and shell, also have friction reducing additives in them as well as extra detergents, which help keep your engine internals cleaner.

    getting back to the smoke issue... a 2 stroke will smoke a lot when cold, but if its smoking excessively once its reached operating temp, then you are probably running too much oil in your fuel.

    also a tuned 2 stroke needs to be ridden regularly, not constantly started up and shut down again, or just ridden up and down the drive or road a few times, otherwise they tend to oil up, and display the symptoms you have described.

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